Matematika Realistik

Laboratory of Realistic Mathematics Education

Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) Laboratory is an education based research laboratory that focus on both developing instructional theories and materials for mathematics subjects using the concept of Realistic Mathematics (didactical phenomenology, guided reinvention, and emergent modeling) and Mathematical Literation (PISA, Contextual Problem, Problem Solving, Real Life Mathematics Experience).  RME Laboratory is supported with the Discussion room, RME rooms, hardcopy reference on RME, Design Research, and PISA, Digital resources ( on matematika realistik menu), Students collections on RME, Design Research, and PISA related minithesis, Publication of Lecturers’ Study on RME, Design Research, and PISA related articles, and Examples of Learning Media.

Several mini-thesis related to the development of RME based Teaching and Learning Process produced by the students. The following pictures is the samples of the RME, Design Research, and Mathematical Literacy related mini-thesis.

The title from left to right

  1. Application of RME Approach on Proportion Topic in Grade 8 Junior High School
  2. Development of Students’ Worksheet Based on Matehmatical Literacy on the Topic of Statitics
  3. Application of RME on the topic of Circle to foster the Students’ Mathematics Communication Ability in Junior High School Students
  4. Improvement of the 9th Grade Students’  Mathematical Literacy on the Topic of 3 Dimensional Figures Using RME
  5. Development of Teaching and Learning Instrument based on Scaffolding on the Topic of Proportion
  6. And so on. (click Here for more titles)

The students not only produce minithesis but also articles that is published in indexed journal. The study also involving the laboratory of computation and learning media to develop the ICT based teaching and learning. The following are the example of the students publication

Several digital content developed by RME laboratory and colleagues in RME Project can be accessed from

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